Frequently Asked Questions During Pregnancy

What can I take for a cold?
Plain Sudafed is fine, or Plain Robitussin, or Mucinex.

What can I take for a headache?
Plain Tylenol.

What are the weight restrictions in regards to employment?
Weight restriction is up to 35 lbs.

What kind of exercise can I do?
Exercise is fine. Don’t start anything that you are not used to doing and do not get your heart rate above 140 bpm for more than twenty minutes.

What vitamins do I take?
We prefer that you only take Folic Acid 400 micrograms or an over-the-counter prenatal vitamin.

Should I have breast tenderness?
Breast tenderness is very normal in early pregnancy.

Is feeling tired normal in pregnancy?
Fatigue is very normal in early pregnancy.

Should I feel crampy and aching like starting a period at the beginning of my pregnancy?
Yes, cramping and aching like you are going to start a period is also normal, but if spotting should occur please let us know.

What do I do about nausea?
This occurs most likely between the 7th and 10th week. The best way to control that is to keep something in your stomach. You should nibble throughout the day. Carbohydrates seem to help such as dry toast, crackers, and pretzels. Eat something with Ginger such as Ginger tea, Ginger snap cookies, or drink Ginger Ale. Sometimes
sucking on a peppermint will help. Classic Coke and diluted iced tea and Gatorade may help as well.

Can I travel?
If you are going to travel more than 2 hours away by car, please let your doctor know first. There should be no travel in the last six weeks of the pregnancy unless it would be a family emergency, which would need to cleared with the physician. Air travel is fine. A seat belt should be worn the entire time. Every two hours you should get up and walk around and empty your bladder. The same instructions apply for traveling by car: get out and walk around every two hours and empty your bladder.

What can I take for heartburn?
Mylanta II or Riopan Plus, Pepcid AC, or Zantac.

What can I take for Diarrhea?
Kaopectate or Immodium AD.

What can I take for a sore throat?
Cepacol lozenges and Cepastat Lozenges, however, no sprays.

What can I take for a stool softener?
One half cup of bran a day or over-the-counter Colace.

Can I go swimming?
Yes, but not alone, no diving, and no water above the head.

Can I get my hair permed or colored?
You may, but, make sure you are in a well ventilated area; however your hair may not behave the way it normally does.